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Best Critical care Hospital in Jaipur - Shekhawati hospital

In Citizens Specialty Shekhawati Hospital, Critical care services are offered by technical groups of healthcare specialists, Critical Care doctors, exceptionally trained Paramedical personnel with the integration of the latest technology equipment.

Each of the patients has been treated at a multidisciplinary approach by a group of physicians. We’ve treated many significant cases involving Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) of different triggers, tropical diseases like Dengue Shock syndrome, Complex malaria, Acute on Chronic Kidney disorder, Multi-organ dysfunction syndromes, complex post-surgical scenarios, major gut surgery, and several other major serious instances.

Our Group of Critical Care experts with experience in various critical care processes, work around the clock to provide the best treatment to our patients

Shekhawati Hospital is among India’s top multi-specialty healthcare suppliers. The ICU & Essential care section is at the crux of several life-saving treatments. Patients are monitored round the clock in sterile, disease-safe surroundings by highly trained doctors, expert nurses, respiratory therapists, counselors, and a number of experts Which Are on call to assist with crisis scenarios.

Critical Care Services:

  • Medical ICU
  • Surgical ICU
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • Emergency & Trauma Care
  • Neo-Natal ICU
  • Pediatric ICU
  • Observation Unit
  • Round the Clock Intensivist
  • “24×7” Critical Care Expert Team
  • Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine

Shekhawati Hospital is equipped with a number of team physicians who are capable of administering life-saving therapy across lots of different branches of medicine. The ICU centers are routinely sterilized to prevent patients from contracting illnesses. The tracking systems are state of the art and give the first degree of diagnostic screening for individuals in a crisis. At a time-critical situation, the physicians in the ICU & critical care unit perform a preliminary identification that places every situation in the hands of a professional who will choose the treatment ahead. The nursing Group of this intensive care unit is specially trained to respond to an intensive care setting to help patients with instant reaction times. These Quicks Services make Shekhawati Hospital to Best Critical Care Hospital in Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.

The Cosmetic Surgery Department resides at the 4th floor of our Clinic.

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