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Internal Medicine & Critical Care

Best Critical Care Hospital in Jaipur - Shekhawati Hospital

The prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of adult diseases are the main goals of the medical speciality known as internal medicine. Internal medicine physicians, also known as internists, are trained to manage various medical conditions affecting various organ systems. Internal medicine doctors often serve as primary care physicians, coordinating overall patient care and referring to specialists when needed. If you want to go to a critical care hospital in Jaipur, then the Shekhawati hospital is the best choice for you.

Critical care medicine is a subspecialty that involves the care of patients with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Critical care physicians, also known as intensivists, work in intensive care units (ICUs) and are skilled in managing complex medical conditions, organ failure, and severe injuries. They use advanced monitoring and therapeutic interventions to stabilise and support critically ill patients.

Internal medicine doctors deal with the comprehensive care of adult patients, while Critical care medicine focuses on the management of critically ill patients, often in an intensive care setting. Some physicians pursue training in both Internal medicine and Critical care to provide a holistic approach to patient care, especially for those with severe or life-threatening conditions.

Internal Medicine doctors | Internal Medicine hospital in jaipur

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a medical speciality that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of diseases in adults. Physicians specializing in Internal Medicine, known as internists, are trained to provide comprehensive medical care across various conditions affecting various organ systems. 

They often serve as primary care physicians, managing general health and well-being, and may also act as consultants for more complex medical issues, coordinating care with specialists when necessary. Internal medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of medical knowledge and emphasizes a holistic approach to patient care.

Critical Care

Critical care refers to specialized medical care provided to individuals with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. This type of care is typically administered in intensive care units (ICUs) within hospitals, where patients receive close monitoring, advanced life support, and specialized interventions. Critical care is aimed at stabilizing and supporting patients whose vital organ systems may be failing, and it involves the use of advanced medical technology and expertise.

Critical care physicians, known as intensivists, lead multidisciplinary teams that may include nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. The goal of critical care is to manage and treat conditions that pose an immediate threat to a patient’s life, such as severe infections, trauma, organ failure, or other critical medical emergencies.

The Department of internal medicine & critical care of the Shekhawati hospital

  • Our goal is to provide the highest level of care to patients who are critically ill.
  • 24×7 service delivery
  • Using the latest and most advanced technology to provide treatment
  • Providing life support services
  • Preventing infections in critically ill patients
  • Providing the best care to critically ill patients by the best internal medicine and critical care doctors.
  • Shekhawati Hospital specialised the critical care hospital in Jaipur

Best Critical care Hospital in Jaipur - Shekhawati hospital

At Citizens Specialty Shekhawati Hospital, critical care services are delivered by technical healthcare specialist groups, critical care physicians, and highly trained paramedical personnel, all utilizing the latest technological equipment.

A multidisciplinary approach, led by a team of physicians, is employed to treat each patient. The hospital has successfully managed numerous significant cases, including those involving Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) from various causes, tropical diseases such as Dengue Shock Syndrome, Complex malaria, Acute Chronic Kidney disorder, Multi-organ dysfunction syndromes, complex post-surgical scenarios, major gastrointestinal surgeries, and various other critical instances.

The group of critical care experts, with diverse experience in critical care processes, operates 24/7 to deliver optimal treatment to patients.

Shekhawati Hospital stands among the best critical care hospitals in Jaipur, with the ICU & Essential Care section playing a pivotal role in life-saving treatments. Patients receive continuous monitoring in a sterile and infection-safe environment, overseen by highly skilled doctors, expert nurses, respiratory therapists, counsellors, and various specialists available for emergencies.

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