Urology, also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs.

Urology is the field of medicine that focuses on diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive tract. Some urologists treat general diseases of the urinary tract. Others specialize in a particular type of urology, such as female urology, which focuses on conditions of a woman’s reproductive and urinary tract.

Urology (from Greek οὖρον ouron “urine” and -λογία -logia “study of”), also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs.

Urology Services:

  • PCNL
  • URSL
  • TURP
  • LAP Nephrectomy
  • LAP Pyeloplasty

Why Shekhawati Hospital?

Shekhawati Hospital urologists are exceptionally varied and their unique array of experience makes it possible for patients to participate in innovative operations and practices which are, in some instances, not available anywhere else in India. The expert team is made of fellowship-trained and board-certified urologists in the top universities all around the planet, with their experience and cutting-edge technology, patients undergo comprehensive care for a selection of adult and pediatric urological problems. This is Best Urology Hospital in Jaipur .

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Department's Services

Specialized X-rays of the breast to aid in the early detection of breast cancer. A yearly mammogram is recommended for women age 40 and older.

Care and treatment for couples having difficulties conceiving a child. Conventional therapies such as medication and surgery can help your dreams of parenthood come true. Our partnership with Mayo Clinic allows us to provide referrals when advanced reproductive techniques are required.

Alternative therapies stemming from the premise the mind, body and spirit function as one and addressing all promotes healing.

Care for people with alcohol and other drug addictions. All treatment plans are individualized, ensuring that each person’s unique needs are met to promote healing and recovery. Dignity and respect are foundational values that guide our work.

Therapeutic care to restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. Care may include exercise, training in activities of daily living and education. Our team works in collaboration with other specialties to offer comprehensive care and quickly restore you to your optimal health.


Urology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the conditions which are related to the male and female urinary tract systems.

Shekhawati Hospital is known as the best Urology hospital in Jaipur which offers tremendous Urology services in Jaipur for both men and women.

A urologist is a trained expert that treats disorders of the urinary tract. Urologists similarly treat men and women. In women, Urologists treat problems of the urinary tract. While, in men, Urologists treat problems of the penis, testicles, infertility, and sexual disorders also.

The team of Urologists in Shekhawati Hospital never leaves you to disappoint with their treatment, as our experts treat you smartly and cure the problem permanently. This achieves us the title of best urology hospital in Jaipur.

One can visit a urologist after facing the following symptoms-

  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Difficulty in excreting urine
  • Blood in urine
  • Incontinence (urinary leakage)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Male Infertility
  • Sexual problem

Visit Shekhawati Hospital, famously known as the Urology Hospital in Jaipur, if you’re also suffering from the above symptoms.

Ureteroscopy is a process that uses a ureteroscope to peek inside the ureters and kidneys. Its longer and thinner than a cystoscope, due to which, a urologist can see detailed images of the lining of the ureters and kidneys.

Urologists specialize in the genitourinary tract including- kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra, and male reproductive organs, and male fertility. Urologists are also expertise in the surgical and medical treatment that affect these organs.

The kidneys, ureters, and bladder, are the main elements of the urinary tract. The urinary tract is your body’s drainage system for excreting urine. Urine is the blend of waste and water. To discharge urine normally and without any complications, it is necessary, that all body parts in the urinary tract need to work together and properly.

If you also facing Urinary Tract complications, then visit Shekhawati Hospital, which is one of the popular Urology hospitals in Jaipur for offering exceptional Urology services in Jaipur.

A urinalysis is a test that determines the appearance, concentration, and contents of urine. The process involves the physical, chemical, and microscopic analysis of urine that promote a variety of disorders like- urinary tract infections, kidney stones, liver disease, diabetes, pregnancy, and kidney disease.

Frequent urination, blood in urine, burning, and discomfort while urinating is some of the conditions in which female must visit a urologist.

If you also suffering from the same complications, then visit Shekhawati Hospital, which is known as the best urology hospital in Jaipur for the urinary tract.

Women can easily suffer from Urinary Tract infections. Bacteria that reside in the vagina, genital, and anal areas, enter the urethra, which travels to the bladder, and cause an infection. The possibility of this grows during sexual activity, when bacteria from your partner’s genitals, anus, fingers, or sex toys are forced into your urethra.

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