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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Jaipur

The Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Shekhawati Hospital is a thorough clinic for rebuilding, reconstructing, and improving the physical characteristics of its sufferers to help them attain a greater quality of life.

Shekhawati Hospital includes an innovative plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery section with stalwart and globally trained plastic surgeons that continuously push the boundaries of innovation to provide innovative surgical remedies. 

Complemented ably with a group of specialist nurses and state-of-the-art infrastructure, so we’re always prepared to assist you to alter your life.

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Services

laser surgery in jaipur

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a procedure that uses lasers to damage or remove tissue. Lasers are very precise and cause little damage to surrounding structures. They are also safe and have few side effects. 

Lasers are used to remove or damage tissue for a number of reasons, including removing skin tags and moles, treating irregular moles, skin resurfacing and hair removal.

facial injury

Facial Injury

The treatment of facial injuries can vary depending on the severity, location, and type of injury. Often times, facial plastic and cosmetic surgery is required to restore a normal appearance to the face following an accident or injury. 

Some common procedures performed include reconstructive surgery for broken bones in the face, eyelid reconstruction, and facial cleft repair.

Bedsore surgery

Bedsore Surgery

Bedsore surgery is a surgical procedure used to treat moderate to severe bed sores or pressure ulcers on the feet or legs. The operation involves cutting away the skin and tissue that has died and become infected, and then stitching the wound closed. 

Bedsore surgery may also involve removing dead tissue or bacteria from the sore.



Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to reduce the size of the stomach or abdomen. 

Abdominoplasty may also be used to improve the appearance of the stomach or abdomen.



Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat from various areas of the body by using a vacuum cleaner-like device. The technique, which became available in the early 1930s, was initially used to treat obesity and other medical conditions. 

Liposuction is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, with millions of people having it done each year.

If you are considering hair transplant surgery, it is important to consult with a board-certified surgeon to ensure that you choose the procedure that is best for you. Clefts are most commonly found in children but can also occur in adults. If left untreated, clefts can lead to speech problems, feeding difficulties, and even surgery to fix them.

Best Hair Transplant In Jaipur | shekhawati hospital

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure used to replace lost hair with healthy hair. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and involves removing the thinning hair on the scalp and transplanting it into another area of the head. Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including age, gender, genetics, and lifestyle choices. 

Rhinoplasty image


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct irregularities in the size, shape, and position of the nose. Rhinoplasty may be used to fix common problems such as a flattened nose, an oversized nose, a tilted nose, or a deviated septum. 

In some cases, rhinoplasty may also be used to improve the appearance of other facial features such as eyesight or jaw line.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate​

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

The term cleft lip and palate refers to a birth defect in which the upper lip and roof of the mouth do not close properly. This can cause difficulty eating, drinking, and breathing. In some cases, cleft lips may only partially close, while clefts in the palate may completely divide the middle portion of your mouth into two separate areas. 

Breast Augmentation & Reduction | plastic surgery hospital

Breast Augmentation & Reduction

Breast augmentation and reduction are procedures that are used to increase or decrease the size of a woman’s breasts. 

Breast augmentation is done by surgically adding extra breast tissue to the breasts, while reduction is surgical removal of excess breast tissue from the breasts. Both procedures can be done on a single side or both sides at the same time.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Department's Services



Mammography, or breast cancer screening, is a medical procedure that uses X-rays to examine the breasts for signs of cancer. Mammography can help detect breast cancer early when it is more likely to be treated successfully. Mammography is not a cure for cancer, but it can help identify the disease early and allow for better treatment options. A yearly mammogram is recommended for women age 40 and older.

Reproductive Endocrinology | plastic surgery hospital

Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive endocrinology is a branch of medicine that deals with the endocrine system and reproductive health. It includes the study of hormones, their function in the body, and their effects on fertility. Reproductive endocrinologists also treat conditions related to the endocrine system, such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), diabetes, and thyroid disorders. Shekhawati Hospital Care and treatment for couples having difficulties conceiving a child. Conventional therapies such as medication and surgery can help your dreams of parenthood come true. Our partnership with Mayo Clinic allows us to provide referrals when advanced reproductive techniques are required.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Alternative therapies stemming from the premise the mind, body, and spirit function as one and addressing all promotes healing.

Chemical Dependency Treatment

Chemical Dependency Treatment

Care for people with alcohol and other drug addictions. 

All treatment plans are individualized, ensuring that each person’s unique needs are met to promote healing and recovery. 

Dignity and respect are foundational values that guide our work.

Best Physical Therapy Hospital In jaipur

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic care to restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. Care may include exercise, training in activities of daily living, and education. 

Our team works in collaboration with other specialties to offer comprehensive care and quickly restore you to your optimal health.

Why Choose Shekhawati Hospital as a Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery hospital in jaipur?

Shekhawati Hospital’s group of plastic and cosmetic surgeons have performed a wide assortment of surgical procedures on tens of thousands of patients. Patients receive lots of different suitable choices by a group of multi-disciplinary experts who focus on various branches of cosmetic, cosmetic, and restorative surgery with guidance on the dangers and benefits of each process. When it’s required, the branch also functions with neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and oncological surgeons to find the best outcomes.


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Shekhawati Hospital’s Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery department performs a wide range of surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. They also offer reconstructive surgery to correct defects resulting from trauma, birth defects, or disease.

Individuals should honestly evaluate their personal motivations for undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery so they can feel at ease with the decision. Patients should have a thorough understanding of the risks involved as well as the potential benefits that may come with the procedure. A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can help patients decide whether or not it’s an appropriate choice for them.

Recovery after plastic and cosmetic surgery varies depending on the type of procedure and the patient’s personal health. Patients can expect pain and discomfort during the recovery period, swelling, and bruising, and it may take some time for the results to be fully evident. Patients should carefully follow all instructions from their surgeon during the recovery period to ensure a smooth recovery.

Shekhawati Hospital’s plastic and cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced and qualified professionals. They have completed extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery and are board-certified in their respective specialties.

Like any surgical procedure, plastic and cosmetic surgery does carry some risks and potential complications, such as bleeding, infection, scarring, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. However, these risks can be minimized by choosing a qualified surgeon, following pre- and post-operative instructions carefully, and disclosing all medical history and current medications to the surgeon.

Yes, there are non-surgical options available for those who want to improve their appearance without undergoing surgery. These options include injectable fillers, Botox injections, laser skin resurfacing, and chemical peels. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help patients determine which non-surgical options may be right for them.


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