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Shekhawati Hospital - RGHS hospital in Jaipur:

Wondering which is an RGHS hospital in Jaipur? Shekhawati Hospital is accredited to the RGSH program, making it accessible for you to receive treatment. Before you do so, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the benefits of the RGSH scheme.

RGHS Rajasthan (Rajasthan Government Health Scheme) is a comprehensive health plan that covers all medical treatments, including hospitalization, diagnosis, and inpatient and outpatient medical procedures. In addition, the scheme provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford medical expenses. This is done through reimbursement, direct funds transfer, and co-payment of medical expenses. The scheme also provides medical insurance coverage to those who are eligible.

The Rajasthan Government Health Scheme is a much-needed step towards providing quality healthcare to the people of Rajasthan. This scheme was announced in the financial budget for 2021-2022 by the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan. The scheme aims to provide access to quality healthcare services for all citizens of Rajasthan and ensure that no one is deprived of basic healthcare facilities in RGHS hospital Jaipur endorsed. It will also help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment and enable people to avail of medical services at an affordable cost. This scheme will ensure that all citizens can access essential medicines, diagnostic tests, and treatments at subsidized rates.

Scheme's Purpose and benefits of RGHS Hospital in Jaipur:

  • The Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGHS) was created to provide quality and inexpensive health services to the residents and employees of Rajasthan.
  • It covers various aspects of healthcare, such as outpatient, inpatient, diagnostic, and preventive care. Plus, it gives financial aid to people suffering from harsh illnesses.
  • This initiative intends to help all categories of people, particularly state employees.
  • The goal of RGHS is to give monetary support to families with the help of RGHS-endorsed hospitals in Jaipur that can implement the scheme. It covers the whole expense of medical care, such as hospital fees, surgeries, drugs, etc.

Eligibility and Documents Required in the RGHS hospital in Jaipur:

In order to receive medical care at a Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGSH) facility hospital in Jaipur, you must present certain mandated documentation. This health plan will offer all state employees financial aid with hospitalization and other medical costs.

  • To receive the benefits of the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme from an authorized hospital in Jaipur, one must fulfill certain criteria.
  • Applicants must be permanent inhabitants of Rajasthan and present proof of being either a current or retired government employee or pensioner.
  • The paperwork required includes a copy of your ration card or Aadhar card, income tax return document, bank passbook, passport-size photo, proof of income and age with an email address, and a copy of any medical bills.

The RGSH provides a great way to ensure that you and your family are financially secure regarding medical emergencies.

RGHS hospital List in Jaipur - Shekhawati Hospital

 JAIPUR City Hospital List Hospital Specialty Order Valid Up to
1AKHILA HOSPITAL, JAIPUROrthopedics Hospital07.12.202106.12.2024
3DR CM CHOPRA HOSPITAL AND HEART CARE CENTRE, CHOMU, JAIPURCardiology and CT Surgery Hospital08.12.202107.12.2026
4SHRI RAMAKRISHNA HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital14.12.202113.12.2026
5SEVAYATAN CHILD AND GENERAL HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital08.12.202107.12.2026
6SCR SIR CHOTU RAM HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTER, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital07.12.202106.12.2024
7MANAS HOSPITAL JAIPUR, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital09.12.202108.12.2024
8Jaipur Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital18.05.202017.05.2025
9Metro Manas Arogya Sadan Heart Care and Multi – Specialty Hospital, JaipurPublic Private Partnership Hospital07.03.2013.
10ABHISHEK HOSPITALMultispecialty Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
11Eternal Heart Care Centre and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd., JAIPUR>Only selective codes in Cardiology,Nephrology & Orthopaedics10.01.202209.01.2027
12Amar Medical & Research Centre, Kiran Path, Mansarovar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital08.04.202129.07.2023
13Apex Hospital Mansarovar Pvt Ltd, Mansarovar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.12.202021.12.2025
14Apex Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Malviya Nagar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital27.01.202026.01.2025
15Apollo Specialty Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., C-Scheme, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital07.01.202106.01.2026
16ASIAN CANCER HOSPITAL, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital06.10.202105.10.2026
17Barala Hospital And Research Centre, ChomuMultispecialty Hospital10.08.202109.08.2026
18Asopa Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital04.10.202103.10.2026
19Balaji Cure and Care Hospital Pvt Ltd, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital06.10.202105.10.2026
20Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.02.202023.02.2025
21BAGRA MATERNITY AND GENERAL HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital25.01.202224.01.2027
22CITY HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
23Chirayu Hospital, Kalwar Road, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.12.202021.12.2025
24Chomu Mahila & Eye Hospital, Chomu, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital06.11.201905.11.2024
25CKS Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital08.01.201907.01.2024
26Dana Shivam Heart and SuperSpeciality Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.06.202023.06.2025
27Deep Hospital and Research Centre, Jhotwara, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital14.06.202114.06.2026
28Dhanwantri Hospital And Research Centre, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.07.202121.07.2026
29DR DEEPAK GUPTA CHILD HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPURPediatrics Specialty Hospitals23.11.202122.11.2026
30DR MANJEET INSTITUTE OF CRITICAL CARE, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital13.04.202212.04.2027
31Dr Sardar Singh Memorial Hospital, JAIPURGeneral Surgery & General Medicine08.05.202207.05.2027
32Fortis Escorts Hospital, Malviya Nagar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital08.04.202103.03.2025
33G.P. Shekhwati Hospital and Research Centre, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital05.10.202104.10.2026
34GARG CHILD HOSPITAL, JAIPURPediatrics Specialty Hospitals31.05.202230.05.2027
35GINNI DEVI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
36Global Heart and General Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital01.12.202130.11.2026
37GOPINATH HOSPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
38GOYAL HOSPITAL, BASSI, JAIPURObstetrics and Gynaceology06.05.202205.05.2027
39HCG Hospital JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.09.202121.09.2026
40HEALTHLINE HOSPITALMultispecialty Hospital12.01.202211.01.2027
41Imperial Hospital and Research Centre, Shastri Nagar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital05.06.201804.06.2023
42Indus Jaipur Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.06.202023.06.2025
43Jaipur National University Institute of Medical Sciences and research Centre, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital26.09.201725.09.2022
44JAIN HOSPITAL, JAIPUROrthopedics, General Surgery01.06.202231.05.2027
45Jeevan Rekha Critical Care & Trauma Hospital, Jagatpura, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.12.201721.12.2022
46Jyoti Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd., JaipurMultispecialty Hospital02.10.202101.10.2026
47J K FRACTURE AND GENERAL HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital03.02.202202.02.2027
48Kalu Ram Memorial Hospital PVT LTDMultispecialty Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
49KANDOI HOSPITAL, JAIPUROrthopedics, General Surgery03.02.202202.02.2027
50KKS UROLOGY AND GENERAL HOSPITAL,BAPU NAGAR, JAIPURUrology,  General Surgery04.07.202203.07.2027
51LUCKY HOSPITAL, JAIPUROrthopedics Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
52ManglamPlus Medicity Hospital, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital12.05.202211.05.2027
53MANGALAM HOSPITAL, RAJAPARK, JAIPURGastroenterology,Obst &Gynaceology28.06.202227-063-2027
54Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Sitapura, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital15.01.202014.01.2025
55Mahaveer Jaipuriya Rajasthan Hospital, JLN Marg, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.12.202023.12.2025
56Manipal Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital01.07.202130.06.2026
57Marudhar Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.07.202121.07.2026
58MAYA EYE HOSPITAL, JAIPUROphthalmology Hospital24.03.202223.03.2027
59Monilek Hospital and Research CentreMultispecialty Hospital12.01.202211.01.2027
60Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital30.12.202029.12.2025
61NAVJEEVAN HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE, BASSI, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
62NIMS MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, AMBER, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital17.12.202116.12.2026
63NIVIK NEURO TRAUMA AND MULTISPECIALTY HOSPITAL, JAIPURNeurosurgery & Orthopedics  Hospital01.06.202231.05.2027
64DEVILAL MEMORIAL MEMORIAL EYE HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPUROphthalmology Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
65Pulse Hospital (Muitispeciality Hospital and Research Centre) Kotputli, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital01.07.202030.06.2025
66PHAGI HOSPITAL PVT LTDMultispecialty Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
67Rajat Maternity And General Hospital,JAIPUROrthopedics15.01.202114.01.2027
68Rajnish Hospital, Shahpura, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.06.202021.06.2025
69Rukmani Birla Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital08.04.202107.01.2023
70RAO HOSPITAL,NEW LOHA MANDI ROAD, JAIPUROrthopedics,Obst & Gynaceology28.06.202227.06.2027
71S.R. Kalla Memorial Gastro & General Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital15.04.202014.04.2025
72SADHNA HOSPITAL, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital08.10.202107.10.2026
73Sanjeevani Hospital, Madhukar Colony, Kotputli, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.12.202023.12.2025
74SEVAYATAN MATERNITY AND GENERAL HOSPITAL,SODALA, JAIPUROrthopedics,Obst & Gynaceology07.07.202206.07.2027
75SGN HOSPITAL INFERTILITY CENTER PVT LTD, PAOTAMultispecialty Hospital07.10.202106.10.2026
76Shalby Multispeciality Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital15.01.202014.01.2025
78SIDDHI VINAYAK HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTRE, CHOMU, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital13.11.202112.11.2026
79SOMANI HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
80Soni Hospital, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital30.12.202029.12.2025
81SSMG Hospital, Morija Road, Chomu, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital24.12.202023.12.2025
82Tagore Hospital & Research Institute, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital15.04.202014.04.2025
83VINAYAK HOSPITAL, KOTPUTLI, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital19.11.202118.11.2026
84VINAYAK ZANANA AND DOORBEEN HOSPITAL, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital12.10.202111.10.2026
85Heart & General Hospital, JaipurCardiology and CT Surgery Hospital02.06.202002.06.2025
86Jaipur Heart Institute, JaipurCardiology and CT Surgery Hospital15.04.202014.04.2025
87Krishna Heart and General Hospital, JaipurCardiology and CT Surgery Hospital14.02.202213.02.2027
88Adhinath ENT and General Hospital, Tilak Nagar, JaipurENT Hospital22.12.202021.12.2025
89JAIN ENT HOSPITAL, JaipurENT Hospital04.10.202103.10.2026
90Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital, New Sanganer Road, JaipurENT ;  Obstetrics & Gynaceology08.04.202108.04.2026
91Siddham ENT Center LLP, Heera Nagar, JaipurENT Hospital15.02.202114.02.2026
92Indowestern Brain & Spine Hospital, JaipurNeurosurgery  Hospital18.06.202017.06.2025
93Advanced Neurology and Superspeciality Hospital, JaipurNeurosurgery Hospital24.09.202123.09.2026
94ASIAN SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL, JaipurNeuro & Gyane Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
95Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, JaipurOncology Specialty Hospital24.02.202023.02.2025
96Anand Hospital and Eye Centre, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital14.06.202114.06.2026
97Anupam Eye Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., Lalkothi, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital26.09.201725.09.2022
98ASG Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Bhagwan Das Road, C-Scheme, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital22.10.202021.10.2025
99Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital, C·Scheme JaipurOphthalmology Hospital24.12.202023.12.2025
100Dr Virendra Laser, Phaco Surgery Centre Eye Hospital, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital18.06.202117.06.2026
101J. P. Eye Hospital, Tonk Road, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital13.10.201712.10.2022
102Jaipur Calgary Charitable Eye Hospital and Research Center Trust, Malviya Nagar, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital28.11.201927.11.2024
103JINDAL EYE HOSPITALOphthalmology Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
104Jankalyan hospital, Chomu, JaipurORTHO & NEURO Hospital23.11.202122.11.2026
105K.C. Memorial Eye Hospital, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital20.04.202119.04.2026
106Kabra Eye Hospital, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital26.08.202025.08.2025
107Kapoor Hospital and Eye Centre, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital06.10.201705.10.2022
108Max Vision Eye Care Centre, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital04.10.202103.10.2026
109New Delhi Centre for Sight Ltd., Malviya Nagar, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital29.06.202129.06.2026
110Royal Eye Care and Research Centre, Adarsh Nagar, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital08.04.202112.10.2022
111Sahai Hospital and Research Centre, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital03.03.202202.03.2027
112Sarda Nursing Home, JaipurOphthalmology Hospital10.08.202109.08.2026
113R K FRACTURE HOSPITAL AND TRAUMA CENTRE, ChomuOrthopedics Hospital06.10.202105.10.2026
114DIWAKAR ORTHOPAEDICS AND GENERAL HOSPITALOrthopedic & Urology Hospital10.01.202218.11.2023
115SHRI BRIJ FRACTURE HOSPITALOrthopedics Hospital12.01.202211.01.2027
116Maharaja Agrasen Superspeciality Hospital, Vidhyadhar Nagar, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital22.12.202021.12.2025
117The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and Sports Injury Centre, Lalkothi Scheme, JaipurOrthopedics Hospital27.02.202222.03.2027
118Maxwell Hospital, JaipurNephrology Hospital27.02.202222.03.2027
119Jaipur Ayurveda Hospital, JaipurAyush Hospital28.01.202127.09.2025
120Dr. Somendra Dental Care Centre, Vaishali Nagar, JaipurDentistry Hospital10.02.202109.02.2026
121ALLERGY ASTHMA AND CHEST HOSPITAL (AANCH), JaipurChest/Thoracic/Pulmonary12.10.202111.10.2026
122THE URMIL CHEST AND GENERAL HOSPITAL A UNIT OF URMIL HEALTH AND WELLNESS PVT LTDDentel, Chest/Thoracic/Pulmonary & any ot10.01.202222.11.2023
123OM HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital28.10.202127.10.2026
124Rungta Hospital, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital08.11.202107.11.2026
125KHANDELWAL HEART INSTITUTE, JAIPURCardiology and CT Surgery Hospital21.04.202220.04.2027
126PRIYUSH NEURO AND SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL, JAIPURNeurology & Orthopaedics Hospital26.04.202225.04.2027
127SHRI SHYAM HOSPITAL A UNIT OF SS NIRAMAYA PVT LTD, KOTPUTLI, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital08.11.202107.11.2026
128Rajputana Hospital and Research Centre PVT LTD, JAIPURGeneral Medicine13.04.202212.04.2027
129SWASTIK MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL LLP, PHULERA, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital29.10.202128.10.2026
130SHIV DHARA HOSPITALMultispecialty Hospital10.01.202209.01.2027
131VAISHALI HOSPITAL AND SURGICAL RESEARCH CENTRE, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital08.11.202107.11.2026
132RAJ ENT HOSPITAL, JAIPURENT Hospital28.10.202127.10.2026
133AGARWAL HOSPITAL, JAIPUROphthalmology Hospital08.11.202107.11.2026
134Ramanji Hospital And Research Centre, JAIPUROrthopedics & Urology Hospital28.10.202127.10.2026
135RAMA DENTAL HOSPITAL, CHOMU, JAIPURDentistry Hospital28.10.202127.10.2026
136RAGHUDEEP EYE HOSPITAL, JAIPUROphthalmology Hospital19.11.202118.11.2026
137REGEN HOSPITAL, JAIPURMultispecialty Hospital01.02.202231.01.2024
140TOKAS GASTRO AND SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITALUrology Hospital29.10.202128.10.2026
141G.P. Shekhwati Hospital and Research Centre, JaipurMultispecialty Hospital05.10.202104.10.2026

How to Register for Rajasthan Government Health Scheme:

In order to become a part of the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme and get benefits at the RGHS hospital list, individuals can go to the state government’s website and complete an online application. This form will ask for basic individual information such as full Name, age, address, and contact information.

  • First, enter your Name in the box and click “Next.” Then, pick the category that fits you best – Citizen, Udyog, or Government Employee. Afterwards, a form with two boxes will appear.
  • In the first box, you will have to provide your Name, and in the second, you will have to put your Aadhaar number. After that, you must upload pictures of yourself with the “Browse” or “Choose File” feature.
  • Additionally, you will have to attach documents that prove your identity. Once you have filled out the form and uploaded all the required documents, click “Submit.”

What Types of care do we, as an RGHS hospital in Jaipur, offer through RGHS?

Shekhawati Hospital in Jaipur is proud to be the healthcare provider for the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGHS). We offer top-notch diagnosis, treatment, and quality healthcare services.

So, what do we provide under RGHS?

  • We have the Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU) to care for all traumatic cases.
  • Moreover, our medical and surgical ICUs, Cardiac ICUs, and Neuro ICUs for dealing with critical heart, neuro-related conditions, and Neurotrauma, respectively, are all part of the scheme. Not to forget, our special OPD services are also covered by RGHS.
  • Our RGHS-affiliated Hospital is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of Catastrophic Conditions. From Vascular interventions and Coronary artery operations to Acute retention of urine over 24 hours, Hodgkin’s disease, Acute pneumonitis, Acute myocardial infarction, Cancer, Acute respiratory distress, Multiple sclerosis, Accidents, Stroke, Renal failure, Meningitis, Delivery, and even certain major Organ Transplants (Kidney, Lungs, Pancreas, Heart), etc.

What makes Shekhawati Hospital the best RGHS hospital in Jaipur?

As an RGHS-approved facility, Shekhawati Hospital abides by the government’s stringent standards of quality healthcare services. Our doctors and nurses have extensive qualifications and experience, so you can be sure you will be in the best hands.

In a nutshell, we are the leading RGHS hospital in Jaipur. Our superior services, personalized care, highly qualified medical team, and advanced medical technology ensure you will receive the best care and treatment possible. We’re the top choice of many people in the city for both inpatient and outpatient services.

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